Since 1967

Improving the Treasure Valley

Our History

FUNDSY began 50 years ago with a single purpose, to help build the Boise downtown YMCA; FUNDSY actually stands for “Funds for the Y.”

Because the first FUNDSY was such a great success, the founders decided to continue the tradition to help others in need. They designed the FUNDSY charter with one thing in mind: to help non-profits build brick and mortar projects.

Because most grants were designed to help run day-to-day operations of non-profits, there was an opportunity to help them build their facilities. This is where FUNDSY has stepped in to help build and improve more than 45 non-profits in the Treasure Valley, including the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the Boise Art Museum, just to name a few.


Dollars Raised

FUNdsy presidents

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Funds for capital improvements (“brick and mortar improvements”) are difficult for charities to raise because grants and corporate giving are often restricted to programs. Fundsy’s mission is to fill this important need for the growth of the Treasure Valley’s arts, education, civic, and social service nonprofit organizations.

Fundsy Founding President

Robert E. Smylie, 1967

Founding Members

Thomas H. Allen
Robert Beatty
Carl Burke
Richard Chastain
Edward Cleary
James Davidson
Eugene Dorsey
Everet Drown
Spencer Eccles
Vern Emery
George Ganz
Charles Hall

Emmet Herndon
Dr. Robert Holdren
J. Rich Jordan
Richard Leisman
Philip Murelaga
John Priest
William Sellers
Mrs. Richard B. Smith
Robert E. Smylie
Thomas Terrill
James Walp
Westeman Whillock

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